Columbia Integrated Health Centre is excited to provide physiotherapy in New Westminster, as well as for our patients from surrounding communities such as Queensborough, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, & Vancouver.

Physiotherapy treatments are commonly prescribed for the treatment of joint injuries and dysfuctions following injuries, accidents, disease, or other conditions affecting the overall functioning of the body.

Physiotherapy treatments involve several phases, of which, the healing phase is crucial and largely influences the subsequent phases. It involves proper healing of all soft tissue exposed to edema, bleeding, tearing, tension or compression.

New Westminster Physiotherapy Clinic

Our downtown New Westminster physiotherapy department located at Columbia Integrated Health Centre is equipped with state of the art modalities for management of acute and chronic soft tissue damage resulting from strains, sprains, injuries, or other conditions. Electrotherapy, ultrasound, sEMG, combination therapy, EMG+ms stimulation and LASER are clinically used during the different phases of tissue healing. Each modality is specifically designed to promote tissue regeneration and help restore normal physiological state of ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, skin, fascia, muscle, and nerve tissue. In this way, they are indispensable to the physiotherapist in controlling pain and edema, improving local circulation, promoting would healing, decreasing muscle spasms, and promoting neuromuscular re-education for muscle re-conditioning and strengthening.

Physio Treatment

Once healing is progressing well, our Physiotherapists will help initiate a stretching and strengthening program to condition the soft tissue to be able to support the normal tension and loads it is expected to endure on a regular basis. These physio exercises are carried out in the rehab room at CIHC and patients are taught efficient home exercises and are encouraged to take an active part in the functional re-education of their rehab. Exercises are progressed as tolerated and are focused on regular pre-injury activities that the patient would like to return to.

For more information on how our Physiotherapy services can help you reach your health and wellness goals, call us today!