Chelsey Herman, Bsc.Kin

Chelsey graduated with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2016 with focus in exercise science.

Chelsey was a former national level gymnast and is now the head coach for a competitive gymnastics team. She is well educated with the level of fitness that is required for competitive level sports. Through her experiences in the gymnastics field, she learned the benefits of exercise for injury prevention, overall health, and fitness. For this reason, she decided to pursue an education in Kinesiology.
Chelsey is devoted to living a very healthy lifestyle and aims to promote this in each of her clients. She has a special interest in teaching clients proper posture and functional movements to improve their health. She fosters treating each client as unique in order to provide them with the most successful active rehab plan.
When she is not at the clinic or coaching, she instructs group exercise and nutritional sessions to individuals who have had a stroke. She also enjoys yoga, hiking, and snowboarding.