All about Chiropractic

Our downtown New Westminster chiropractic clinic provides services to patients on the Columbia Street corridor and surrounding New Westminster, Queensborough, Coquitlam, Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver communities. Here at Columbia Integrated Health Centre, we know that imbalance and dis-ease manifests itself in many forms, most notably, the symptom of pain. With this in mind your health team, led by Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinic Director, Dr. John Dang, are well trained in a wide spectrum of techniques and protocols to properly assess and treat such conditions. Everyone can benefit by including Chiropractic treatment as part of their health plan including, paediatrics & children, seniors and geriatrics, as well as pre and post-natal moms.

Chiropractic Treatment

Many people will notice an improvement in their symptoms immediately after a chiropractic adjustment. In others, the benefits are realized as treatment progresses. To help patients attain their health and wellness potential, Dr. Dang DC, MSc (Cand),Dr. Shaun Lemke, DC, Dr. Katrina Slama, DC, Dr. Alex Lee, DC and Dr. Jacob Stetz, DC can design a specific program that includes exercise, ergonomic, and nutritional counselling. Some of the common conditions that Chiropractic can help with may include: Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Low Back pain, Hip pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain and Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis, and most conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Your initial consultation consists of a 40 mins thorough examination and assessment of your main areas of concerns as well as a complete discussion of the relevant personal and family history. Each subsequent visit (treatment) is a minimum of 20 mins where we revisit your area of complaint, track your progress and adapt the treatment accordingly. Your Chiropractor will ensure that you receive the most attention and benefit out of each and every visit.

In this ever changing health care system, it is imperative that all health practitioners work together to ensure that patients receive the proper care at the proper time. Our Chiropractors work with your family doctors, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, and other allied health professionals, to properly assess and, if necessary, co-manage your treatments.

If you are interested in whether or not our chiropractic clinic can help, or have any questions related to your health, please feel free to speak to Dr. John Dang, DC, MSc (Cand), Dr. Shaun Lemke, DC, Dr. Katrina Slama, DC, Dr. Alex Lee, DC, or Dr. Jacob Stetz, DC today!

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Attributed to Thomas Edison.