Active Rehabilitation entails custom tailored exercise and workout programs that are designed and supervised by a Practicing Kinesiologist. These programs are geared towards ICBC and MVA related injuries where the patient has made a sufficient amount of recovery with passive care, and are now ready for Active Rehab. This is approved by the treating Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, and Family physician and often signals the final stage of a patients road to recovery.

Non-ICBC or MVA related cases can also benefit from the Active Rehabilitation program as well. Often times, repetitive injuries due to occupation or sports related injuries can also benefit from a structured, organized, and supervised rehab program from the Kinesiologists who are experts in movement.

Our Kinesiologists are well trained, highly educated, knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to ensuring that the right program is designed specifically for each individual patient case. They work directly with the treating clinician or therapists maximize patient recovery while minimizing any risk of injury.

The primary goal of Active Rehabilitation is to get you back to a pre-injury state, and to move better, and more often.

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