Columbia Integrated Health Centre is excited to provide personal training with a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

For those looking to improve their strength and conditioning, as well as increasing both mobility and stability, our Certified Personal Trainers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the most comprehensive exercise protocols and will not only motivate, but also educate you on the best in functional exercises. We know that exercises is a fundamental aspect of proper health and our CPTs are trained in recognizing the best type of exercises for you, as well as motivating and supporting you throughout your program. They’ll work directly with your health care practitioner to ensure that you are ready and capable of a rehab program, and will modify any aspect of the training program to ensure maximum benefits with minimal risk of injury.

Our trainers have advanced understanding of Functional Movements and can specifically tailor a training program to your needs. Our philosophy on exercise is “mover better, move often.”

We offer individual drop-in prices as well as multi-session package options to best suit all of our patient’s needs.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

We do have partner and small group training sessions available. Please inquire at the reception desk for further information on scheduling and pricing.

TRX and Personal Training at CIHC

Within our gym facility, we offer the TRX equipment for a more intense workout. Check out the video below on some exercise ideas and how to utilize the TRX.

Why wait? Make being active and healthy part of your everyday!